Beautiful pixels: Foodish Serves Up An Appetizing Interface
"Foodish takes an incredibly clever approach to monitoring what you eat by doing away with the tedious specifics of calorie counting and letting you judge just how healthy what you’re eating is.”

148Apps: Foodish is an attractive and useful Food Diary app, doubling up as a way of keeping track of healthy eating.
“It’s attractive to look at but ensures that the user can take in exactly what they’ve eaten, simply by looking at the photos.”

MacStories: Delightfully Mindful of What You’re Eating.
“I’m really impressed with the work that has gone into Foodish, and it’s just a great app to use.”

AppAdvice: Track Your Eating Habits With Foodish On Your iPhone
“For those that want to keep track of how they eat but without the fuss of calorie counting, then get Foodish.”

Cult of Mac: This Week’s Must-Have iOS Apps:
“Using its elegant and highly-polished user interface, you can record each meal and drink you consume every day and get a valuable overview of how healthy or unhealthy your diet is.”

TUAW: Foodish takes the calorie counting out of meal tracking
“It's a good, basic program to use if you want to keep a food diary but don't care to count calories.”

APPLESFERA: controla tu dieta de forma cómoda desde tu iPhone
“Foodish es una de esas pequeñas joyas que aparecen de vez en cuando en la App Store y que nos demuestran como hay cantidad de desarrolladores con geniales ideas esperando su oportunidad para triunfar en el complicado mundo del software.”

appolicious: Picture your diet with Foodish iPhone app’s food log
“I'm also the type of person who gets discouraged when counting calories, so I was impressed with the simple food tracking provided in the new app Foodish, for iPhone and iPod Touch.”

computerbild: Foodish: Ernährung pi mal Daumen
“Die App Foodish geht in der Ernährungskontrolle einen innovativen Weg und setzt auf eine gelungene optische Umsetzung statt auf Datensalat.”

gizmodo: Keep Track of What You’re Eating with Foodish
“People love taking pictures of food. Hell, it's basically a rite of passage when you buy a smartphone.”

isource: Foodish for iPhone
“You could well store the type of entries that Foodish handles with another app, but it simply wouldn’t be as convenient or as beautiful as using this custom interface”

macgasm: Track your meals on the go with Foodish for iPhone
“Gone are the days of counting the calories and weighing each small piece of chocolate. Foodish is very easy to use — you can enter the details quickly and get back to the important things, like eating your meal.”

wired.it: Mangio Dunque Sono: Documentare l'alimentazione, divertendosi
“Ma su questo fronte, preferiamo nettamente Foodish ($1,99), un diario fotografico dei consumi nutrizionali personali che rientra appieno nel fenomeno del foodspotting, uno dei trend di foto-documentazione piu' interessanti dell'era digitale”

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